Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Force Awakens Blu-Ray Target "Exclusive" Rip-off

I bought the Target Exclusive Blu-Ray for $24.99 specifically because it was the only version that came with an additional 20mins of extra footage. This extra 20mins cost me at least an extra $5.00. I say "at least" because they cheaped out on the box, which would have made it cost LESS to produce than the $19.99 cased version.

Now that I bought it, my thoughts....I feel totally ripped off. I am so disappointed with this choice that I want to return it and buy another version. First, the movie with the two extra disks (one special features disc and a DVD of the movie) are exactly the same as the $19.99 version. The packaging, while "exclusive", is totally cheap cardboard. I paid more for less. Pulling the discs out is difficult as they are in there pretty tight. Multiple pulls will eventually tear the cardboard, ruining this exclusive box. Not to mention storing discs in this fashion is a huge risk of scratching the discs. By sliding the discs over the cardboard, in and out, plus gripping the discs with your fingers, will damage them over time. The case, totally sucks. I would rather have bought the cheaper version just for a better case that protects my discs better. Now the bonus content...

...There is NONE. No extra disc, no extra features on the discs. It does NOT come with 20mins of extra footage. Just another cheap paper insert with the digital copy to access the content ONLINE!!! You have to use your digital copy download to view this. For those whom have no internet access and bought this, totally wasted their money. If I had known I would have to view it online only, I would have bought the cheaper version instead and watched this extra content on youtube when someone puts it up there for FREE.

My conclusion...Do not buy this version. It is a total waste of money. I'll put it this way: You spend $5.00 at Target to go home, get online, sign up for DisneyMoviesAnywhere.com, and download App, so you can watch two short clips that you can already view online for free. All you get for your extra cash is cheap box that will ruin your discs and will fall apart. Total Ripoff.

Inside the Armory
The Scavenger and the Stormtrooper

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