Sunday, August 16, 2009

Coraline's Military Hat Full Size Prop

Since seeing Coraline the first time, I loved the hat that she wore. The production notes referred to it as a 'Military Hat'. Since then I have been searching for the same hat to add to my collection. On the web there have been a few like minded people who where also searching for a similar hat. One hat is this one, another is a chauffeur hat from amazon. There is a variety to choose from on Amazon, the police hat, and the limo driver one are too of the best ones but not quite right. Then I got some inside info from Stephen Bodin's blog, the graphic designer who worked on Coraline. He said that it was he was put in charge for finding the hat. He said he found it online from a private school in Japan. It is from a boys school uniform. With a little more help from Stephen, I was able to find this Hat. It is officially called a 'Gakuseibou'. If you watch the special Features on the Blu-Ray, apparently Henry bought a similar hat for his daughter. However he could never get her to wear it, but he could get Coraline to wear it. I just love this hat in the film, and think it works great. Now I just have to make the flame pin for the front.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tim Burton's Coraline?

Is it just me or does anyone else cringe when they read and hear others say that 'Coraline' was done by Tim Burton?

I think the confusion stems from the slogan 'From the Director of The Nightmare Before Christmas - Coraline. Especially since it's Titled "Tim Burton's, The Nightmare Before Christmas".
Well let's go over it. Tim Burton wrote and produced The Nightmare Before Christmas, and asked a good friend of his, Henry Selick to direct it. It was Disney that decided to put Tim's Name on the Title the way it is to help with sales.

That said, when it says "From the Director of The Nightmare Before Christmas" they are referring to Henry, and NOT Tim. In fact, Tim Burton is not credited for Coraline at all. So hopefully that clears up the confusion.