Thursday, December 2, 2010

Detroit Zoo Snow Globe Part 1

The Detroit Zoo Snow Globe has become a fan favorite. The Detroit Zoo had not previously released a snow globe similar to the one seen in Coraline, but due its popularity, they are now and they are available in either the gift shop or by phone (248) 541-5717 ext. 3274). Here is an interesting article about creating the snow globe.
The Detroit Zoo Snow Globe isn't identical to the screen used prop, so I think I am going to make one for myself. I will pick up a 'Make-your-own-snow-globe' kit, sculpt the bears and fountain, mold it, cast it, paint it, and slap it together. Should make for an interesting new project. The prop does appear
to have subtle differences between each scale the globe was made in. The larger globe has more detail then the smaller one obviously. So I will have to take some creative license in re-creating it. Progress pics as I go (Probably wont be soon). Maybe someday my wife and I will visit the Detroit Zoo and re-create the picture of Coraline and her family in front of the fountain.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Coraline at PDX

My wife and I where traveling this year to Mississippi for Thanksgiving to visit her grandparents for my first time. We flew out of Portland Airport. After passing through security, we grabbed a cup of coffee at the coffee shop there, and immediately to the right was a display about 3D innovation. It covered the beginnings of 3D, to how it is today. Included in the display were 3D photos and even 3D prototyping using 3D printers. It was pretty cool in of it self, but as I was about to walk away, I looked back and something caught my eye. I walked back to the display, and at the very end, hiding in the dark was a puppet and set from the Movie Coraline. In fact, it was Coraline in her 'shopping' outfit, the cat, and the ¼ scale of the Other Garden that I am sure was used in the scene where Coraline and the Other-Father are flying over the garden. I cannot believe that I almost missed it. It was honestly the highlight of my trip. I didn’t have my camera handy at the time, but I made sure to take pictures when we got back. I could have stood there for hours looking at it, but I could tell my wife wanted to leave. It was a real treat to see these in person.