Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ESB Star Wars Stage Diorama

Apart from Stopmotion, another obsession of mine is the Original Unaltered Trilogy of Star Wars. I came across a blueprint of Echo Base's Hangar that was constructed on the Star Wars Stage for The Empire Strikes Back, and was inspired to create a diorama. I have been working on it off and on since March of this year. The amount of detail that I hope to incorporate into this diorama is going to make the build a long and slow process. I will be using a variety of methods to construct it, from pattern making, cutting wood, scratch building, model making, and 3D printing. I look forward to seeing it completed but am also enjoying the journey. It is my first diorama, and has its fair share of flaws and imperfections, but when all said an done I think it will really shine. You can follow the progress on The Replica Prop Forum Here.