Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Other Pink Palace North Elevation

OK, I think this would be the North Elevation of the Pink Palace. It's the back of the house that leads to garden. I cannot be sure as there is no official North, but if you use the Map on the official web site and assume that the top the the screen is North... Anyways, I used a behind the scenes photo of this side of the house to draw it up in Microstation to scale. I cannot recall if I finished, as it has been a long while since I last worked on this Elevation, but I believe it's done. My goal is to draw up the entire Pink Palace and build a miniature 'doll house' of it. It may be pipe dream, but it is a dream none the less. In previous posts I presented a rough layout of the first floor of the house. It wasn't accurate as far as dimensions, but it was a starting point. I will continue to refine the drawing little at a time when I have the time. Currently, I am pleased with how it is coming out.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Anniversary Coraline

OK, it may not be official or anything, but it is the 3 year Anniversary of the release date of Coraline in theaters. I received the Collectors Edition box for Christmas this year. It is definitely something to add to the collection for the die-hard fan, but for the average fan, the normal Blu-Ray would suffice. What I liked about this gift set was the little book and the four post cards. The other little bonus was the new Disc images. But the thrills stop there. The discs are stored in cardboard sleeves, and with regular use can only mean wear and tear on your discs. There are no extra special features or added bonus discs that would have made this gift awesome. You just get a large box (which takes up too much room on my shelf), with a cool 3D image on front, a pull out drawer with your loose discs, four post cards (that will never be used as such) and a little booklet that covers everything that you learn from watching the special features. The 3D glasses is nothing special, as you get them with the regular set. So, a little disappointing in the end. I have thought about switching out these discs with the ones in my original set as I like the new images that much better.
The only disc set that I don't own is the new 3D version (not the one with the blue and red 3D glasses, the OTHER-3D Version). It would be worth getting a 3D TV and blu-ray just to watch this again in its original 3D.