Thursday, March 25, 2010

NECA Authentic Movie Prop Replica Little Me

It's finally here! The 'Little Me' Coraline doll from NECA. It was available for pre-order last July, but its release date kept getting pushed further and further back. But the wait is finally over. Now I am going to have to pick up another one.

Little me certainly looks great. She is a good height and the quality is really well done. The black dress as well as her orange striped undershirt is pretty spot on with the original doll. Her rain coat is the most obvious difference. The way it sits, the shade of yellow and even the texture is a bit off. It does have some 'weathering' to the coat to make it a bit dirty, but all and all it works fine.
Her striped stockings look good. I cannot tell what is more screen accurate as there were three different sizes of the Little Me Dolls made for the film and they all look a little different themselves (Check out Paloma Soledad's site for pictures). Otherwise I would say that the white band of the black and white stripes is a bit thin comparatively to the film. But that's being nit picky.
Here hair looks really good. I think they even went as far as to match the blue and black lines in her hair to the original. Her face is hard and textured. The paint job is a little bit off. She is missing a freckle on each cheek. Her lips should be a little more left, and not so centered. The stitching along her mouth was only on the opening sequence doll and should have a little more detail and paint.
The dragonfly hair clip looks right, but would also need to be repainted to provide a little more detail. I have not taken her off her back board yet, but I do believe that she is wired in side to make her posable. Oh, and the black stitch lines are missing from her boots. But for $24.99, ($31.94 shipped) it is well worth it for any Coraline fan. I would say, don't buy her off eBay for $33.00 plus shipping, not when you can get her for less at