Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Stopmotion "Best short of the Week"

Found a website and posts links to the "best" shorts for the week. Might be worth a peek for those who enjoy stopmotion shorts

the Isle of Dogs

New stopmotion film in select theaters, The Isle of Dogs by Wes Anderson
who also did Fantastic Mr Fox.
The website has a Creature Comforts style to it.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Portland Art Museum Laika Exhibit take 2

For my birthday, I wanted to go back to the Portland Art Museum to see LAIKA's exhibit again. I took a ton more photos, where I am sure I am still going to want more. After my first walk around with the camera, I put it away and walked around again with just my eyes. I really enjoy seeing all the little detail and the props/puppets first hand. While circling the Other Garden, I noticed Ashley Hunker (by her name badge) was talking about working on Kubo and LAIKA's new feature.
It was great to see someone there who works at LAIKA to be able to ask her questions. I tried to ask as many as I could think of. She said she worked on coloring all of the feathers on the Sister's Cape (KUBO). Being my birthday, it was an added treat to meet someone.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Phil Tippett's "Mad God" stop motion film

I literally just learned of this yesterday. I am totally late to the game here, but in case you have not seen it either, I present to you Phil Tippet's Mad God movie.

It is a three part movie, with Part 1 and Part 2 already released and ready for download. Mr Tippet had a kickstarter campaign to fund Part 3.

You can download parts 1 and 2 now from his website, or purchase the DVD/Blu Ray from Amazon (not currently available)

From the short clips I have seen, I am really excited to download and watch this film. It looks beautiful and fantastically animated.
UPDATE: Just watched parts 1 & 2. Word of warning, this is a mature film, not intended for kids. It very much has a student film kind of feel to it but with a bigger budget and better talent. He is telling a story through visuals, not dialogue. "Macabre" is a good word to describe it. If you don't like disturbing images & characters this isn't for you. 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Coraline, Kubo, Paranorman, & Boxtrolls are all at the Portland Art Museum

LAIKA has on display several props, puppets, costumes, and set pieces at the Portland Art Museum. The exhibit will go till May 20th, 2018, so you still have plenty of time to get to Portland OR to see it.

What to expect: The museum has dedicated two major rooms to house the various items created by the artists at LAIKA. As you walk into the Museum you will be able to get up close and personal (no touching) to the Other Mother's Pink Palace 1/6th scale house. Just beyond that is the skeleton warrior from Kubo and the Two strings that towers over you. A puppet of Beetle, Monkey and Kubo are also found in this room.

There is a huge wall full of replacement faces from each film that show the how many different faces it takes for one full second of film.

In the second and main room you will find the puppets of Kubo's mother, one of the Sisters, Agatha Pentergast, the Other Mother in her final form, Kubo, Norman, Eggs, and Coraline. There are full sets of the Babcock home & school hallway, Kubo's fathers home, the Hall of Lord Portley-Hind dance scene (also full of puppets), Snatcher chasing Eggs, Fish and Shoe, and the Other Father's Garden as a main centerpiece. Several little props and costumes (too many to county) littler the walls. Three Little Me dolls, the sewing machine of the Other Mother, full Moombeast puppet, the one eye'd sea creature from Kubo, armatures, pre-production art, and more. I was finally able to go this weekend, and would love to go back with a high definition camera to take millions of photos!

There is a gift shop off to the side where you can get tons of LAIKA merchandise.

Coraline Dolls by Reel Toys & NECA are back!

The 7" Coraline bendy doll with raincoat has been re-released and currently at a great affordable price. This doll's box is marked with the 2017 year, so make sure you double check that before purchasing a new doll being passed of an an original 2009.

A second Coraline Doll in her pajama's was also re-released in this limited edition (3000) box set exclusive to San Diego Comic Con that originally retailed for $45. Your best search now is find one on eBay.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Curse of the Were-Rabbit: Airfix Anti-Pesto Van Seat upgrade

The only screen shot we get of the bottom side of the seats is during the opening credits as Wallace and Gromit are lifted into the Van from underground.

I trimmed off the 'feet' from the original kit. These seat frames are inaccurate to the show and even an original Austin A35. They also made the chairs sit too low for my liking. In reviewing the film, the top of the back rest sits just under the back walls window. Another missing detail is the ribbing stitched around the seat and the back support.

I designed in AutoCAD the bottom of the seats as I saw it in the screen shot above, and gave them some extra height. I uploaded the .stl to and had them 3D printed.
Once the parts arrived, I glued them to the bottom. I had to also sand down the tabs on the frame where the original seat supports were supposed to line up. I like how the turned out.