Monday, July 24, 2017

Kubo & the Two Strings Moon Beast Replacement Face Prop

Woot! Another Moon Beast Stopmotion Replacement mouth. A collector needs to pick all these Pieces up to keep the collection together.
Auction Here, sold by 99sputnik

Kubo & The Two Strings Replacement Face Prop

Stopmotion Kubo Replacement Face prop being sold Here by ME. Unfortunately, I have let this go. 

Kubo & The Two Strings Monkey Totem Cast & Crew Gift

Monkey Totem Cast & Crew Gift. My personal favorite. I am guessing this is a 3D printed replica of the miniature Totem seen on screen, enlarged to be life-size so it could be passed out as gifts, but don't quote me on that. Anyways, it's available Here, being sold by djcouscous

Kubo & the Two Strings Moon Beast Cast & Crew Gift Prop

The Third Moon Beast Replacement mouth I've seen sell on eBay.
Grab this one Here, being sold by Timoia0

ParaNorman Cast & Crew Gift Stopmotion Face

Norman's head mounted on a mini plaque. This cast & crew gift differs from the three heads in one box. definitely unique.
eBay Auction Here, being sold by 99sputnik

ParaNorman Cast & Crew Gift Replacement Faces

Another opportunity to get your hands on three stopmotion replacement faces from ParaNorman
eBay Auction Here, being sold by 99sputnik

Kubo & the Two Strings Cast & Crew Gift

Cast & Crew Gift of the Moon Beast Mouth.
eBay Auction Here being sold by grizzlybrice