Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I just came across a new Laika movie called ParaNorman on Vera Brosgol’s blog. Watching the teaser trailer I am excited to see it. I love the colors, textures, and great props (monster toothbrush). It is set to release August 2012 which is a long time from now, but I look forward to seeing more on this movie in the mean time.

Watching the trailer again and again, and reading the brief plot line provided by Laika, it sounds like a boy named Norman can see and speak to ghosts in his town. This probably lends towards is fascination with all things monster and zombie. I assume that a ghost (probably the one in the theater poster) tells Norman about a curse on the town, and then spends a good deal researching it and trying to uncover its mysteries. He comes upon seven victims (Pilgrims) who where killed by the curse, and locates their grave site. Upon arrival, the seven Pilgrims come back from the dead as zombies and scare the town. Norman must break the curse that has been on the town for generations. I had to look up the director and writer as I wasn't familiar with their names, Chris Butler, and Sam Fell. They have done some interesting stories before, so I look forward to see what they have done with this film.

Speaking of Vera Brosgol, she came out with a new book, Anya's Ghost. Looks like I have to pick myself up a copy.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Nightmare Before Christmas Salt and Pepper Shaker

Halloween is upon us once again and I needed a few more props around the house for decor. The trouble with Halloween decorations that you find in stores is that they are all garbage. Everytime I go shoping for Props for Halloween, I walk in the store, look at all their stuff, and walk out empty handed. Sometimes when you want something good you have to make it yourself. So, for inspiration, I popped in my Nightmare Before Christmas Blu-Ray and found a salt and pepper shakers that I have not yet done. I pulled out my sculpty clay, formed it around some foil, baked and painted. It was a quick and easy craft that looks great on the shelf.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mel Jones Cell Phone Replica

Another little item to add to my Coraline collection, Mrs. Jone's cell phone! It is the cell phone that Coraline finds on the front seat of the VW Bug after her parents had been taken by the Beldam. I recognize the phone being T-Mobile, and started my search there. It didn't take long to find that the phone was based off Samsungs Stripe. I picked up a broken phone on ebay pretty cheap, which was fine as I didn't have any use for it, other than for it to just sit there. I bought some pink model paint and a small precision screw driver to make the transition to Mrs. Jones phone. I had to take the phone apart to properly paint it. It had 7 little screws to take out and was snapped together. Once I got the phone apart, I masked off the areas I didn't want to paint, then applied three coats of the pink. Once it had properly dried, I put the phone back together, and I was finished. I am not sure if I will take it apart again to add the blue flower image to the screen, only time will tell. All and all I am happy how it turned out.