Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mel Jones Cell Phone Replica

Another little item to add to my Coraline collection, Mrs. Jone's cell phone! It is the cell phone that Coraline finds on the front seat of the VW Bug after her parents had been taken by the Beldam. I recognize the phone being T-Mobile, and started my search there. It didn't take long to find that the phone was based off Samsungs Stripe. I picked up a broken phone on ebay pretty cheap, which was fine as I didn't have any use for it, other than for it to just sit there. I bought some pink model paint and a small precision screw driver to make the transition to Mrs. Jones phone. I had to take the phone apart to properly paint it. It had 7 little screws to take out and was snapped together. Once I got the phone apart, I masked off the areas I didn't want to paint, then applied three coats of the pink. Once it had properly dried, I put the phone back together, and I was finished. I am not sure if I will take it apart again to add the blue flower image to the screen, only time will tell. All and all I am happy how it turned out.

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