Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Coraline: Linden's Department Store Set Production Desgin

In my regular search for Coraline Props and replicas, I came across this "Production Used" folder for Linden's Department Store. It was put together for the art department and set builders for the Scene where Coraline and her Mother are shopping for school uniforms. It comes with the blueprints of the Department Store (drawn by William Sturrock), photos of the scaled prototype of the set, list of props and decorations to be used in the set, and more. The production folder contains 20 sheets. Each sheet is printed on 11x17 paper. I am unsure if any sheets are missing, as they are not numbered. Being a drafter myself, I am a sucker for blueprints. I did notice that, whichever program that Sturrock used, didn't calculate the dimensions of the set correctly. The inner dimensions does not add up to the full width dimension. Probably something that the set builders noticed when constructing it.
(Photos from eBay user: museumofmomandpopculture)

Anyways, I had to buy it. It's now part of my Coraline Collection. I would love to build a replica of the set, but most likely a scaled down version. The production set was almost 8 feet long and over 3 feet wide. Too large for my living room.