Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Scraps, from Corpse Bride

I took some old wire hangers that we weren't using any more and cut them up in small parts. Then using sculpy clay I crafted the bones. Once it was at a point where I was happy enough with how it looked and fit together, it was baked in the oven to harden and I glued the parts together. The head was hollow that I originally formed around a tinfoil ball. Once it was hard I pulled the tinfoil out and filled it with expanding foam. Scraps has been out for display every year now for Halloween. I am in the process of making another scraps that I intend to mold and cast to make a little more ridged. The sculpy is just too fragil and weak to be a permanente alternative.
For Halloween of 2005, Mary-Frances and I dressed up as The Bride (Emily) and Victor for Christ First Baptist Church's Trunk-er-Treat. I made Mary's costume and rented mine.

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