Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nightmare Before Christmas Town

I cannot believe I have never seen these till now! Hawthorne Village has come out with a limited number of houses from The Nightmare before Christmas! I love walking in those stores during Christmas time and seeing all the little towns that light up and think to myself, "gosh, those are so cool, I would really like to have a set for myself someday". However, I could never find a set that I really liked for the price. Until now. I am ordering the Christmas Town set first, then the Halloween Town, then the train set. In about two or more years and after $2000, I should have the complete set! My first and second shipment has already arrived. As far as my personal review, I would say they are really neat. They do need a little more touch up on the paint job to get it a little more accurate to the screen version. Some details are also missing here and there, plus the addition of all the wreaths, but all and all, I love it.

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