Monday, August 13, 2012

ParaNorman Trailer Review

I saw this trailer in theaters and was excited to see a longer trailer than the teaser. It got me really excited to see it, however I over heard a little boy some rows behind me say something like "Let's not see that one, too scary." The parents laughed, and said "OK, we wont see that one" Now I know that the writer was trying to make a zombie film for kids:
but since hearing that response from a kid, I got to thinking, are parents going to take their children to see ParaNorman?
Personally, I love Coraline, read the book maybe three or four times back to back, and I am a huge sucker for all things stop-motion, so I am definitely going to see this film, in 3D and will probably love it too. I can see lots of other stop-motion animation nuts seeing it as well. But this film is kind of geared towards kids, and like so many films that are, they always seem to have a few adult themes that are too intense for young kids to handle. For instance my sister who has young children, felt Coraline was too scary for her kids to watch. She also has an edited version of Wall-E 'cause of some scenes where too emotional for the kids (aka they couldn't watch the scene without crying). Having a child cry in emotional pain cause they are too sad, or 'cause they are too scared isn't what a parent wants in a film they show to their kids. I think I had this same feeling about the movie Rango, while I enjoyed the film, I felt it too scary for kids.
All that said, parents should always screen shows and movies before letting their kids see it so they know what to expect, and can judge weather the show is appropriate for their kid or not.

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