Monday, June 12, 2017

Star Wars Han Solo Independent Movie Speeders

Just saw the article about the new Han Solo movie on that published some photos of new speeders.
I gotta say, I am continually disappointed with the new designs of the vehicles/ships in the Disney Star Wars films (Prequels too to be honest, but not going there). They do not have a "Star Wars" feel to them, but still look like flying bricks. There is nothing aesthetically pleasing about these designs. I've said it before, function needs to drive the design. These speeders do not look like someone actually built them or designed them to function as speeders in the real world. No aerodynamics, restraints, proper seating, visibility, etc. In addition to boring designs, it would be nice to see something new instead of mish-mash of other ships to make new ones. Using X-Wing engines on Han's speeder doesn't automatically make it "Star Wars". Just feels lazy and safe. I know the design team is using Ralph McQuarrie designs as their bible for all things Star Wars, but I would argue that his designs were an inspiration for the final designs. His designs never made it to screen AS-IS. They are more 60's Sci-Fi like Flash Gordon, or Buck Rogers style and don't really match the lived-in feel that George wanted for A New Hope. I am also unsure why the-powers-that-be feel that the main characters need to wear the same clothes they had been wearing since the beginning. I mean, why cannot we see Han Solo wearing something different than is traditional white button shirt, stripped pants, and jacket/vest? Don't people change clothes/styles, throughout their lives? Look at Nien Nunb, wearing the exact same thing in The Force Awakens that he wore in Return of the Jedi.