Monday, April 20, 2009

Mel Jones' I love Mulch Mug

When I first saw the film I noticed Mel Jones' mug sitting next to her laptop. It read "I [Heart] Mulch", which we see is the name of the shop where Mr. Jones brings the 'Garden Life Spring Catalog' binder. I assume it is the name of the buisness that Mr. and Mrs. Jones work for. I thought it would be neat to have a similar mug. It was only in a couple of scenes and really more of a background prop, but it's those kinds of things and that kind of detail that I really enjoy. I looked through my fonts (just the ones I had on my computer) for one that was close enough, and found a clipart heart and made a *.bmp image and got the mug made.


  1. where can I find this cup????

  2. I didn't find it, I had it made on Cafepress