Thursday, April 2, 2009


I first found Rustboy while I was searching the CafePress website back in 2004. I saw the character and was like "oooo, this looks interesting. Very 'Tim Burton-ish'. So I went to Brian's website and was instantely hooked. He was offering a signed book of images at the time and I regret now not getting one while it was still available. I was able to manage to obtain the vinyl figure from Android 8. It is pretty sweet, a little on the pricy side, but worth it. His eyes are a little loose so he always looks like he is looking two different directions at once. Mary-Frances later got me the Mug and T-Shirt.

I drafted up some blueprints of Rustboy that I hope to make into a puppet someday. Once I get my CNC machine, or a Laser Cutter, that is. But at least I have the dream.

On an interesting Note, if you are a Fan of Lost, watch the speacial features on, I think, the first Season, you will see J.J. Abrams wearing a Rustboy T-Shirt that he got from the Cafepress store.

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