Sunday, May 3, 2009

Coraline Jones family 2007 Volkswagen new beetle

After some research online and looking at so many VW bugs, I believe that the Volkswagen seen in Coraline is a 2007. So, to continue my collection I wasn't going to go out and purchase a full scale car. Instead, I went with the next best thing and found this model. Unfortunately, it isn't a 2007 but I think with some mod'ing I can get it to look right. I will have to do some searching for some miniature luggage to put on top of the car. I think that railroad miniatures should work.
The only thing I am not sure of, is what the bumper stickers read. I was originally thinking that it may say 'I Heart Mulch', like the mug, but when I saw the movie again, it didn't appear to be that simple.

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