Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Original Scotty Dog Props on Auction

Original Other-Scotty Dog puppet, "...constructed of foam with miniature button eyes and red ribbon collar. Measures 4 ½ in. tall..." sold for $2750. The 'custom' base looks like a block of wood that you can find in any craft store, painted black. So I am not sure what part of it is custom. I would love to own an original prop or puppet from the film. To check out the Auction yourself, see Profiles in History.

The second is the Taxidermy Angus IX "...constructed of foam with resin harp and wings of gold paper. He wears a gold trimmed sweater of white yarn. Measures 4 ¼ in. tall..." sold for $2,500. Another great prop that I would love to own. Check out Profiles in History for the Auction.
Angus the IX is one of the stuffed scotty dogs we see clearly on film twice, and each time, it is a different dog(?). The first time we see Angus IX is in the provided screen shot. Note the differences: first, the dog is facing the opposite direction, second is the redish-orange nose, third is the one on screen is praying, when the one in the Auction has a Harp. However, while the close up shots where most likely done at a different time, when the camera pulls back and we see the wall of dogs, the Auction Angus IX is clearly seen in the bottom row, on the left. Unfortunately the puppet has suffered the loss of its halo.

There is also going to be an upcoming Auction for a Collection of Corpse Bride Puppets.

photos from Profiles in History

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